Friday, January 11, 2013


This guy is constantly acting like a clown. 

How is this going to help my forever people find me, Uba?

I'll just sit here in my crate waiting for someone to love me and make me their baby girl. One day they'll find me, despite Uba messing up my glamour shots.


  1. Jilly, I'm sure your forever people will see how patient you are with Uba and that will make them fall in love with you!

  2. Very, very cute pictures. Jilly, you are very lucky staying with Uba and his great Mom Letti. Your perfect home is out there. I just know it. These great pictures and blogs will eventually catch someone's eye who does have the room and the big heart and is responsible to give you a permanent loving home. You are with some good people and dogs until that happens. Enjoy Jilly.

  3. Poor gorgeous Jilly, stuck with such a silly boy like Uba!

  4. Ha! Jilly, how do you keep that straight face when Uba's going goofy? You should play poker.

  5. That is cute. Hi Leslie, ltns. :)


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