Sunday, March 10, 2013

bittersweet happenings

Happy-Sad-Happy News. Our token fluffer 'Corndog' has found a home - with another fluffer. She'll be spending one last week with longtime companion Sassy before saying final good-byes. Wouldn't it be great if Sassy found a home this month too? Keep your fingers crossed for her. We'd love to celebrate two homecomings, even if they are to two different homes.

EDIT: Oh Corndog! The brother fluffy was all love on neutral turf but declared war on our girl back at his home and was not willing to accept the fun she had in store for him. She did a good job trying to help him see that she's no threat, but alas, his sofa and his mama were just way too precious to share. Cornie made a quick U-turn back to our program and will be entertaining other offers. A Day in the Life, for sure!

EDIT AGAIN! Corndog has been in yet another new home with a new male dog and all is going well. Meanwhile, Sassy is enjoying her new home and adoring family. As the World Turns!


  1. Great news. That's the news you all work so hard for. I know it won't be long before Sassy finds her perfect home. Such a great picture. Sad that they will not be adopted together but happy that another kind person decided to adopt and had a good home to provide for Corndog. Dogs are much more resilient than us mere humans. Sassy is in great hands until someone comes along to give her the rest of her happy ending that she and every dog deserves. Fingers crossed for all these dogs to get a great home. Thanks Bad Rap for all the hard work and kind hearts helping these dogs.

    1. You're so right Joan. Sassy will be just fine and will get her happy ending too. Interesting that all we had to do was turn up the volume a little on Corndog's promos and offer came pouring in. (What took us so long?) I couldn't help but think "Wow! Placing cute fluffy non-pits is EASY!" Duh - I know! but it's good to have a little reality check now and again.

    2. HA! Had to giggle at the comment about placing fluffies, Donna (if only we didn't love the bullies so much!). Sending positive thoughts to Sassy - I loove that grey face!

  2. Once you've placed Sassy, have I got a Beefy White Bully Boy for you!! Happy about Corndog, keeping a great thought for Sassy...

  3. Oh, Barn Blog! So happy for Corndog. Would be sad for Sassy, but agree with Joan. Absolutely. Picture is astonishing. Bittersweeet. Will be looking for good news about Sassy. xo Samantha


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