Thursday, September 12, 2013

double trouble

Here's a sweet picture of our two pups looking rather innocent and well behaved ....or are they?  Let's look at the evidence, shall we. 

First, notice the wet and muddy footprints on the porch, and hmmmm.....are those 2 sets of damp looking slightly muddy paws? 

Now let's do a little rewind.  Oh, what do we have here? 

Someone's on the lookout while the furrier of the two stands on the table to take a peek through the open cabin window - no doubt plotting to steal any stray cookies conveniently laying around.

As we scroll back further through the photographic evidence, look what else we uncover! 

Over in the garden behind the tall plants where you might almost miss seeing them - why it's 2 rascally pups! 

Mighty Tiny is standing guard again while Bonny takes a little dip in her own little wading pool aka drinking fountain for some of the bigger dogs aka garden water-feature. 

It's elementary Watson - the source of those paw prints on the porch are our very own dynamic duo....not so innocent, double trouble in fur.


  1. Double trouble, indeed! MT must love having a coconspirator around. (I still want to see a photo of Elliot and Bonnie together!)

  2. When do we get to see Bonny and Elliot together?


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