Monday, September 16, 2013

Mighty Tiny - Lasts, and firsts

MTeeee has left the building! It sure was an experience hosting him here. He kept everybody including the dogs on their toes with his terrier-style bravado and made us slap our foreheads and laugh several times a day. We still don't know what his breed make-up is, but we're sure he broke the mold when he was born.

Here are some of his final moments and big firsts. So long, feisty little man!

Last mountain climbing mission to the barn's treat stash.

Last bath with Mr. Tim.

Last play session with Bonnie the Pup.

Whoops. Apparently he's not quite done mountain climbing for treats yet.

Last time you get to pester Uncle Elliot.

FIRST training class! Show us what you know, Mighty Tiny.

First real home with his proud new dad.
Congratulations to both boys on finding each other.
We wish you many happy adventures in the years ahead!


  1. He sure was a hoot and a handful--thanks for sharing him and giving him a shot at a great life even though he's no blockhead. Best of luck, MT!

  2. as usual your posts make me cry happy tears! you go Mighty Tiny - BADRAP, you are amazing!

  3. p.s. I love the photo of him in the bathtub!


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