Monday, February 24, 2014

In the Barn This Week...

Its always fun to go to the barn and see new faces and find out the little things about each dog that makes them special. 

First up, Widget.  This super affectionate girl has the most beautiful soft brindle coat. Her favorite activity is snuggling and she is very skilled at curling her petite body into a lap.

Next, Eddie brings the charm. He spent a a good part of the afternoon rolling around on his back proudly showing off his new neuter.  Then he saw a squirrel and was convinced that it ran into a storage shed to hide from him. Sweet guy!
Molly quickly made friends with me and showed that she might not be so shy after all. Not caught on camera - her gazelle-like leaping skills. 
Last, but certainly not least Esther brings the puppy power. This youngster is the "senior" barn resident now that Benny and Joon have gone on to their forever homes and she is keeping all the adults on their toes.  Go, Esther!

These four dogs are just amazing - sweet, fun, beautiful and eager to please. Each one of them will make their future families complete.  If I didn't have two dogs of my own and a new foster on the way...

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