Thursday, February 20, 2014

Molly and Eddie

Eddie needed Molly. Fresh from the shelter, he had bad infections in both ears and was a bit depressed because of it. He moped and whimpered when he arrived.

Molly needed Eddie. Also fresh from the shelter, she was fine outdoors but very frightened of being IN-doors. She flattened as if the roof might come crashing in on her. And she thought dogs were no good - except Eddie. He was calm and gentle ... and still unaltered (mmm) so he smelt like heaven to her.

After shuffling everyone around a bit, we decided to put them in the same kennel divided by one wall so they could get better acquainted and their friendship could bloom.

"Where are we?"  "I dunno. Follow me and we'll figure it out."

"Woo hooo! We can do this."

From belly crawling and waiting for something to go wrong, to now kangaroo hopping on all her human visitors in kookie daily greetings, Molly is getting her groove on. With Eddie's good influence, she's starting to meet other dogs and is learning that they're safe and nice to hang out with. 

Now on meds and settling in to the routine and the fun, Eddie is perking up. Dogs helping dogs is a theme that repeats around here.  Life is good at the Rescue Barn.


  1. wonderful!!! thank you for sharing. LOVE the pictures

  2. Yay for Eddie and Molly! A great forever home for them in the future.

  3. That was wonderful to see! Hooray for those two, and for your great help!

  4. I love stories like this! Go Eddie and go Molly! And I love the paw-up frisking photo, too.

  5. As a shelter volunteer who worked with these two sweet dogs, it makes my heart sing to see how far Molly has progressed in just a week of your care. As for Eddie, I was already in love, but even more so now that he is helping Molly. Can't thank you enough.

  6. I continue to be amazed at your natural ability to "click" with this dogs and help them along. I love Bad Rap! My office "nanny" software blocks the pictures so I must remember to log in and check them out from home.

  7. They really are so cute together! Thank you for helping them!


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