Wednesday, January 16, 2013

what's that look?

Monday night at the barn, I was admiring Farnham's heart shaped eye patch.  As we gazed into each other's eyes I wondered......

- is this "the look of love" a la Burt Bacharach? 

- or, is this a "Love love me do" early Beatles look? 

- or something else totally different? 

Waddya think?

One thing's certain, Farnham is ready for Valentine's Day.


  1. An eye patch shaped like a heart on Farnham. Not surprised. Just a big love bug I am sure. Hopefully, that person or persons will see this great blog and picture and give you that permanent, loving home that you and all the other great dogs at Bad Rap deserve.

  2. Anita Joe, I have to tell you this looks more to me like a medley of "What's Love Got To Do With It" by Tina Turner and "Feed Me" from Little Shop of Horrors....LOL!~

  3. How has this boy not been adopted yet??!!

  4. I am thinking, "I would do anything for Meatloaf." I mean "I would do anything for Love" by Meatloaf. ;-) Or "When I fall in love" by Nat King Cole.

  5. Definitely the look of love. All pitties have it, but Farnham's is extra special.

  6. LOL - 'love' all the suggested looks, pun intended. And yes, Farnham's got the look AND he is indeed a big love-bug.

  7. I am completely in love with Farnam (whom I've already renamed Rocco in my mind lol) and have sent two emails, as well as a FB post about my overwhelming want and need to take him home. Everytime I see a picture of him my heart jumps & I just wish he was right here. I hope this lovebug gets to spend V-Day with me but if someone else snatches him up I know they'll surely be lucky.


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