Tuesday, March 20, 2012

kid meets puppy

There's almost nothing more exciting for a kid than a chance to play with a puppy. And for a puppy, meeting a kid can be a wonderful adventure.

This Sunday, my 7 year old grandie came with me to the barn to pick up LA puppy, Gris Gris, for a play-date so she could continue experiencing life as a family pet for one night. And as an added bonus, the kid got to meet Sac puppy, Rooney, as well.

Both puppy and kid were a bit apprehensive at first......

but they soon became buddies.

Gris Gris left with us for her play-date and got to hang out with the kid.

Here she is checking out the Kikster playing a video game.....

Ho-hum, is it over yet?


  1. A sweet child and a sweet puppy together. Perfect.

  2. Oh Kiki! You're doing such a good job holding Rooney in the first two photos! ... Nice and careful so she doesn't drop.

    Although we're pretty sure this one is made of rubber and she'd land like a cat on all four feet if she did fall, then bounce right back up into your lap! :-)

  3. Would be hard put to say who was the cutest of these youngsters. :) Great way to give the 4-footers an intro to family life.


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