Monday, March 19, 2012

tired mama

Every mama deserves a little break from the kids. Even though Maggie's boys are off to their foster homes, her daughter Rooney is full of non-stop energy. So it was time to give her a little break in Tim's work studio so she could recharge with a well deserved catnap.

Zzzzzz. Nothing feels better than seeing a sweet soul like this drink in the quiet.

Sleep well, little darlin.'


  1. Glad she got some rest sweet girl. These dogs are just so beautiful.

  2. Love that over-the-shoulder-come-hither look... or is that an "Ok, I'm safe and now I can sleep," look?

  3. We know she's got plenty of frisky spirit (there's video evidence that Rooney's playfulness is genetic!), so it's lovely to see her relax, too.


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