Monday, March 12, 2012

party in the living room

The barn is a happy place for dogs who've been in crisis, but just never as good as a real home. Knowing that, we try our best to give the dogs field trips to the Real Deal as often as we can fit it in our schedules. This weekend, Olive, Gris-Gris, Mama and her daughter all got to practice their new manners and pretend they have a family for a couple hours or more at the various homes of BR volunteers. Such fun. If only it could last!

Here's a little video of 'the girls' learning about the joy of living rooms, pillows, sofas - and resident dogs!


  1. I love that both Mama and daughter are playing together with Elliot! If only every residence had an "Elliot" to wrassle with any ladies or gents who had a hankering for some play! Looks like it was a lot of fun.

  2. Oh Elliot I love you! And the girls - how adorable! That's one fun time!!!

  3. I swear, Elliot. Could you be any more endearing? Mama and her girl are lovely dogs. Thank goodness they found BADRAP... and Elliot.

  4. So cute! I could eat that puppy with a spoon and Mama is so pretty too. And what to say about Elliot, could he be in more well balanced???

  5. Mama: Okay, you take the baby and I'll enjoy a moment of quiet... Oh, hell! I WANT TO PLAY TOO!!!

    They are too cute! How does your house look so nice with all those dogs running around and jumping on the furniture?

  6. What a great idea. Just so cute.

  7. Adorable as usual. Love it.

  8. Let's see... so far I want:

    New Girl....

    I think that should do for now! :)

    Thank you Bad Rap for all you do! What a great organization you have. If I lived closer I would love to volunteer for you.

  9. Oh and Blink! Can't forget Blink! :)

  10. Elliot is the best uncle/big brother/buddy! His ability to just be a sweetheart is pretty incredible! I love all the photos and video of him with the pups over the years. He's really one of a kind.

    And Mama and Lil Girl are just too darn cute!


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