Sunday, March 11, 2012

Label me Not

Some photos of Olive's first ever day in class. To say that she was comfortable and relaxed would be an understatement.

To the casual observer, I guess she was just another cute dog studying her lessons on a sunny Saturday afternoon. But to us, she's that adorable SoCA dog that had once been (mis)labeled by her shelter as --
label alert! -- too 'dog aggressive' to qualify for adoption.

Don't get me wrong - You aren't seeing a 'rehabilitated' dog here. This is just a dog that was set up to succeed - Accliminated to social dogs in small doses, then finally exposed to a dozen or more relaxed and people-focused dogs who aren't signaling with stress and mayhem. Sunshine, lots of good leader talk, some treats, some chatter and laughing - lots of scritches behind the ears.

Labels are only good for inanimate objects. Like, for storing shoes under the bed or stashing Christmas ornaments to the back of the linen closet. Not good for dogs.

The Olives of the world would thank us all very much if we would please keep labels where they belong: In the drawer next to the scissors and Scotch tape. Thank you.


  1. Hurray for the sweetest dog in the low-ridin' black pants! Here's to setting everyone--dog, human, you name it--up for success!

  2. Another great blog. Those pictures say it all. Keep on doing the great work of educating people on doing right by these great dogs. You can never get enough of the right information and facts. These dogs depend on us to do so. Keep up the great work.

  3. Maybe it's the solar flares.....
    In our Gilroy class on Saturday Miss Clover (the ultimate shelter-fence-fighter and dog-dog-cranky-pants when she started in Bad Rap), was just layin' in the sun exactly like these pix of Olive. Clover was less than a foot away from 4 other dogs while we humans chatted. I was stunned and delighted. She started this behavior at Bad Rap last Saturday, and has apparently built on it. NOW my problem is getting her to stay upright in class instead of collapsing in a boneless heap on the ground!!!

  4. awww that olive is pretty much the most adorable little pit bull!

  5. I'm so happy to see her doing so well. One of my senior psych thesis was on the impact of labelling children ... Only jars of jam need labels!

  6. Miss Olive, I was incredibly proud to be with you this weekend. Thank you for being such an outstanding student. Miss you already girlfriend.


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