Friday, December 9, 2011

All the Beautiful Barn Boys

Friendly, confident, connected, smart, fun-loving. These are the boys in the barn. All of that along with being good-looking...

Handsome Dan

Check out his wrinkles? Too young to be due to age, and Dan doesn't need worry wrinkles any longer.

Gorgeous Ruben

Ruben is still a teen, so will be growing into a handsome adult as we follow his progress.

True, the boys certainly are lookers, but nicer fellows you'd be hard-pressed to find.


  1. Wish we could adopt them all. We'll keep wishing them all the best in finding a loving home.

  2. Whistle, whistle! Indeed handsome young men! I think Dan's wrinkles are smile wrinkles - he looks like he has a good time! and of course will make many of us have more wrinkles laughing and smiling back at him and the rest of the crew!


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