Thursday, December 22, 2011

Season's Greetings

The barn residents would like to wish everyone a happy holiday and to also thank all of their supporters for your continued generosity.

Dan, keeping an eye out for visitors bearing packages, hopefully, with lots of squeeky toys.

Star, checking on the barn holiday decorations.

Dan, thinking he heard Santa approaching, or perhaps the UPS delivery person.

May everyone have a happy and healthy New Year, and a home to call one's own.


  1. Beautiful pictures! Happy Holidays to you all and yes, to all a home to call their own!

  2. That's all I wish for you in the new barn pups! May your fur-ever home find you soon and your life be filled with squeeky toys and tasty treats.

  3. adorable. looks like they're waiting for Santa.

  4. A little birdie told me that Santa is sending a bag of treats & toys for the barn dogs - they must have heard that same birdie too! (And Danny must have heard that he has another pillow pet on the way!)

  5. Wishing you and the dogs the best Christmas and Happy New Year. Thanks for all you do for these wonderful dogs and sharing them with us.


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