Tuesday, December 13, 2011

An ode to cushions

Dan is spending a week as a house-dog and has fallen in love, so he wrote - well, OK, dictated - a poem about it. And hey, if the rhymes and cadence aren't exactly on point, well waddya expect - he's just a dog!

I am Dan, Dan I am
Dan the dog I am, I am
My favorite things are NOT green eggs and ham,
green eggs and ham are fine for Sam,
but not for Dan, Dan I am,
Dan the dog I am, I am.

Green eggs and ham are fine for some,
but the feeling I like on my tum
the things I like most under my bum....
are cushions, cushions, CUSHIONS!

I like Cushions that are puffy,
I like Cushions that are fluffy,
I like Cushions puffy, fluffy and stuffy.
I like cushions on the couch, I like cushions on the floor,
green or red, round or square, I like cushions galore.

But the cushions where I like most to rest,
the cushions I like the very best,
the cushions where I like to lay my head,
are on the barn lady's big soft bed.


  1. Aw, he looks like a pillow himself curled up in on the bed among the cushions! I'm glad Dan is having a good time!

  2. oh Dan!

    how we gonna keep ya down at the barn
    after you've seen the cushy life?

  3. Love it. You can just see the love and sweetness in his face. I think we all can agree cushions that are fluffy, puffy and stuffy are fun for anyone.

  4. The poem is awesome! and so is Dan! Maybe he's having dreams about his new girl Star!

  5. As a disclaimer, I normally don't allow dogs on my bed but he kept sneaking up there while I was working on my computer and looked so adorable that I had to take pics, and help him compose his poem.

    Since he enjoys it so much, I use his love of bed cushions as a reward for behaving well (doing sit / stays or playing nicely with his toys) while I'm working on the computer. I put a special blanket down first and then invite him on. (My personal dog seems to understand this type of reward also and only gets on my bed when I put the special blanket down first and then invite her up).

    But at night-time, Danny knows to sleep in his crate and will put himself in there when he gets tired (he poops out well before the rest of the household).

  6. Maybe we could stock his kennel in the barn with lots of colorful and plump cushions to help with him being relaxed in there (and not quite as vocal at times). The Man Cave turned into Pleasure Palace.

  7. Hopefully this comment will show. I think I posted two comments. They haven't shown yet. This poem was adorable. Beautiful dog.


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