Saturday, December 17, 2011

Danny gets a pet

When Danny returns to the barn at the end of the week, he'll be taking - not just one, but two of his very own, special pets!

Boy toys ain't cute (like Jondi's pink pig) but Dan loves his just the same.

He's been wearing his new snake stuffie coiled around his neck when he's not wrangling it around the room, and he loves to cuddle with his Monkey pillow-pet that Santa Paws brought him as an early Xmas present.

The weather outside may be frightful, but for Danny, playtime with his beloved new pets sure is delightful.

Coming soon - a little update on his adventures this week as Dan the Office Dog.


  1. Now now, our big boy Luke thinks his Tuff pink pig is the *best*. :D

  2. So cute. Just love the stories and pictures. If every dog I see in the shelter I volunteer at or any shelter could have a happy ending like this. There are so many pit bulls at the shelter I volunteer at that are so loving and just need someone to love them and train them and be responsible about them. Thank goodness things are starting to go in the right direction for these dogs. We just have to keep speaking up for them and following in Bad Rap's footsteps. Education, education, education about these dogs and what it means to be a responsible, loving dog owner and spaying and neutering your dog and be a responsible breeder of dogs are all key in helping any dog, but especially the most maligned group, the pit bulls. Thankfully the shelter I volunteer at gives pit bulls a chance to be adopted. They go out of their way to give all their dogs a chance to be adopted if they have the room. Thank goodness.

  3. A monkey pillow pet for a dog that loves cushions? No wonder he's been happy at your house!


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