Thursday, December 15, 2011

Star's Work Week

Star is learning about the work of being a house dog this week. Luckily she has a good tutor in her host Uba who is also a hard working dog.

Star has practiced keeping the couch warm,
She has worked on her dance moves
and added to her wrestling skills.
She has also made Uba laugh by looking crazy
and helped a friend read The Pit Bull Book.
Star has been searching and searching for her forever home for such a long time. This week she is getting ready for her own couch and her own family. She is learning that sometimes even a Star can take a little nap.


  1. Looks like a wonderful week! Star and Uba: now that's a pair of energizer pitties if there ever was one! I hope Uba's recently mended Naughty Knee was able to keep up with all that dancing and wrestling! The picture of Uba "laughing" is precious, but not nearly as precious as the one of Star curled up in a little red ball and snoozing away. It's a side of Star we haven't seen much of, and it's good to see that she's capable of sweet snuggles on the couch as well as being smart as a whip, quick as lighting, and cute as a little red button.

  2. Star- my love, your family will come one day! You have so much to offer and will make a great companion to a lucky family.

  3. I love her so much. (her friend is awfully handsome too!) I hope that Star finds her home over the holidays. I'm making a little wish from NYC. Sarah x

  4. Looks like "The Star" has been having a blast at your place, Letti. So many new skills (to add to those she already has) to show off to her new family.

  5. Oh we love you Star! There's a little something special on it's way to you! You sure have great friends!

  6. It is just wonderful to see them all having so much fun. Great pictures.


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