Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Monday night Wrestlemania

Now that Jondi has gone to her new home (sigh, we sure miss that sweet girl but we're so happy for her), the three remaining barn dogs are adjusting their playstyles . Jondi - being a princess and all - was much less rowdy than other pooches who've passed through the barn. Not so much rough-housing for her, it was all about the toys. But, last night at the barn, since Blink, Clive and Olive are all good friends and play nicely together, there was a whole lotta rough-housing goin' on! (strictly supervised of course)

Here are Blink and Clive waiting patiently to join Olive in the yard.

Clive & Blink: "Please, please, PLEASE barn lady - can we go outside and play, huh, huh, huh??"

How could I resist?

And so it began - Wrestlemania! Bring on the pop corn and soda!

First Olive and Clive, then Clive and Blink, then Blink and Olive - every possible combination; they wrestled all over the yard, the porch, on into the barn, on the couch, on the floor, on the dog-beds - EVERYWHERE! On and on they wrestled until their tongues hung low and their smiles stretched their faces to their ears. I got to enjoy being the sole spectator, howling like a fool at their moves.

And at the end of the night - who lasted the longest and was the last dog left standing while the others lay happily exhausted?

Uh huh, that would be Blink who still hasn't quite stopped moving in this pic - paparazzi be damned (and that's Olive under Blink just grinning at her antics). We know Blink, size ain't everything!


  1. Too fun! I would have loved to see this wrestle-fest! And I love that the wee Blinky gives as good as she gets! Hurray for happy pups!

  2. Its so nice ti see Olive having a life!

  3. Love it. Just so happy for them to be able to just be dogs and have fun and burn off that energy. You guys rock for all that you do for these great dogs.

  4. Absolutely, positively love it! Olive, it looks and sounds like you are having the time of your life! Blink...it looks like you have no problem holding your own. :)

  5. Blink reminds me of Pinky and the Brain...looks a bit like Brain! So awesome :)


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