Thursday, February 2, 2012

Olive Haiku

Like a brand new pup
running zoomies and dancing.
She devours her day.

She's levitating
again. Working for breakfast -
It's SO exciting.

"I'm in my soft chair.
The dryer spins. People laugh.
I sleep like a babe."

"What's this on the floor?
A dog bed. A BED FOR DOGS!?
I flop down and roll."

"His butt smells so good
and best of all, he lets me
smell it all I want."

"The dog they call Blink
yells at me a lot. She's nice.
We dance and have fun."


  1. Olive it's so fun to watch you come out of your shell and learn there are nice people in the world who will care for you and give you the love you deserve! BADRAP you are a true blessing! Thank YOU for all you do for these wonderful companions!

  2. Awesome picture. Love the updates. We all like to see happy dogs.

  3. "His butt smells so good
    and best of all, he lets me
    smell it all I want." LMBO...

    I adopted a pit bull today! When we had her meet with my corgi that's all they did! sheesh! He was quite infatuated with her say the least. She just wanted to play.. *sigh* Ode de Pit bull.. must be good. :)

  4. Olive, from one black and white cutie to another, I know how it feels to be rescued by those nice people at the Barn. I have a feeling things are going to turn out just fine for you, too.

  5. Love love love! I'm so happy for Olive!

  6. Love! Beautiful! Joy! Happy! Smile! and thank you!


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