Sunday, February 12, 2012

rock paper scissors

So Jondi's left the barn, her going away party was super fun and we've all boo-hooed a bit - but the real question on every dog's mind is: Who gets Jondi's tricked out girlie pad kennel with the awesome leather sofa and chair?

The cow dogs had a little wrestling session about just that very thing this morning....

Blink might want to have a say on who her neighbor's going to be ...

No one can deny that the velvet pit bull painting in the kennel shows a striking resemblance to a certain somebody.

And the winner is....

As long as Olive doesn't nibble on those irresistible buttons, we'll let her have the special Creature Comfort Kennel. Sweeet.

Speaking of irresistible, the chair in the ManCave Kennel has hosted about six dogs including party dogs Captain Spanky and Dan the Dog and has definitely seen better days. Clive just loves this chair because it rocks and he can get a great game of Launchpad Bouncy Dog going when he's bored, but our aesthetics are getting tweaked.

If you're local to the SF bay area and have a gently used leather or vinyl chair that's destined for GoodWill, please let us know. It has to be leather or vinyl so it survives wet paws and regular wipe downs and comfortable enough for a rip roaring pit bull nap. We'll find a way to pick it up if you have such a treasure at home. Thank you!


  1. Just love your stories and pictures. Keep them coming. I am sure these adorable dogs will work things out.

  2. I love Olive's black "pants" and think it's super sweet that she's gone from languishing in a concrete kennel to living it up in a swank pad full of real furniture--but she deserves it!

    Those male party dogs sure know how to do a number on a chair, don't they! I don't remember which female dog it was, but at one point you compared photos of Bouncer's man cave with with some lady dog's princess pad and Bouncer's kennel looked like a whole tribe of slobbish frat boys lived in it and the lady dog's kennel was immaculate! I hope a new-to-you chair finds its way to you soon. Clive may not care that his Bouncy Dog Launchpad is looking a little tattered, but I can appreciate the desire among the humans to have furniture that looks slightly less "loved."

  3. Miss Olive, you have come so far! Be the queen you were meant to be. Perhaps you will let me bunk with you during my next visit?? Miss you girlfriend!! XOXOXO & many bellyrubs!!

  4. Congrats to Jondi and to Olive. On the subject of furniture, I would like to suggest to some enterprising soul that they bring back the good ol' naugahyde upholstery. Create a line of "Dog Friendly Furniture" that wipes off easily, does not get punctured easily with toenails, has a built in non-toxic odor eliminator that also acts as a bitter tasting dog chewing repellant when exposed to dog saliva. Is that too much to ask? Someone? Please?

    Oh, and the picture of Jondi with the Jolly balls needs to be blown up, printed and sold. It's the BEST! Happy life, Jondi! Please write a blog!

  5. I don't even remember how I ended up here but I am very happy I did. So much sad news... all the time in dog rescue, or the lack thereof, I really needed the blessing of your good work and wonderful friends to lift my spirit tonight. Continued success, blessings and support to all of you so dedicated to helping these wonderful guys.


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