Thursday, March 1, 2012

dog/dog intros

Sometimes a girl really appreciates a long courtship before getting friendly with other dogs.

And sometimes ... Well, sometimes a girl's just a hussy.

(This is the newest barn resident: the mama of the three pups.)


  1. Things sure are busy at the barn these days! Thanks for all the updates! I dig Elliot's expression in all these pictures, but especially the second! You gotta watch out for the hussies, handsome!

  2. Whenever I see Elliot welcoming a new dog, I think two things:

    a) He is amazing at making everyone comfortable. A regular one-dog welcome wagon!

    2) How lucky you guys are to have such a dog on your side! Think of all the dogs he's helped in his short life, and how many more he has to help.

    Great work. Love the blog!

    1. Thanks for posting Lauren. I can't even tellya how lucky we feel to have Elliot's warm little self around for work and companionship. He really does seem to approach the the barn dog work as his 'job' and always waits for the okay to get busy. Sometimes we don't want him to mix with certain barn dogs and he seems okay with that too and watches patiently from the gate. How is it possible that a dog be this intuitive? We couldn't have dreamed up a better dog.

  3. I'm in love with mama dog. What a soft expression she has.

  4. Oh, get your flirt on girl! Elliot looks quite happy to oblige with his duties!

  5. "..sometimes a girl's just a hussy." LOL... *head shake*

  6. Thanks again for all you do to try and help these dogs and educate people about these dogs and how to do right by them. Keep up the great work. You rock. Again. Love these blogs and pictures too.

  7. Oh I have laughed at this post so many times this week. Just head on over when I need a little smile :) What a beautiful girl!


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