Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Annie's Pedicure

New girl Annie here getting her daggers trimmed.

This senior beastie is fab-u-loso.
When she's not napping away like a happy house cat, she's strutting around and announcing "Woo Woo! Woo Woo!" ... Which roughly translated means: "I'm so dang happy I can barely contain it!"

Annie will be headed out for foster care this weekend. Lucky dog, lucky foster mom.

"We wuv you too, Annie!"


  1. Aw, my dog yodels, too! Are those happy "woo" sounds a pit bull type thing, or do other dogs do it, too? My pit-something gal is the first dog I've personally known that produced a "owwww-woo-woo-WOO!" when happy to see someone. Whoever gets Annie is lucky--a joyful yodeler is a fun kind of dog to have around!

  2. My Dogher is an Annie too! Any room for a Paul or a Paulie on the list of pups at the barn?

  3. How sweet. Thanks so much for helping her. Only good times for this sweet Annie from now on. She ended up in a wonderful place with great people.


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