Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Barn Dogs Help with School Work...

         Remember the days when you were assigned the school project of Community Outreach? Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of working with two local 7th graders, Kate and Yassamin,  who were completing a school assignment in which they had to choose a cause to help with. Their choice? Advocating for pit bulls! This project required that they work directly with an organization that is associated with their cause. These ladies had the right idea when they contacted Badrap. I can't think of a better place to learn about  pit bulls than the Rescue Barn!

Hard at work getting to know Rooney....

Leash lessons and how to walk puppies...  (They made it look easy!)

Choosing a going home outfit for Gris Gris... Turquoise? Pink? Print?

  (They went with turquoise)                                                    

Couch time is always a must! 

All of this and they also did a bake sale, raising $241.00 for Badrap! We may have future volunteers in training..... 


  1. WOW-what a wonderful choice these two made! Now, if only more and more kids were turned on to the dogs dog issues---Imagine what could come about!

  2. Great choice of school assignments! And I especially love the last picture - the pooches showing off their leash manners and the girls showing their handling skills. Well done!

  3. Wonderful. Getting these kids to have compassion and understanding towards any animal is of the utmost importance. Glad to see them helping and getting to know these wonderful, beautiful dogs and just having compassion for any animal in general. The more kids that have compassion for animals, the better this world will be.

  4. Fantastic! Hope for the future!

  5. It is always so great when kids learn more about these dogs and dogs in general and better understand their situation and learn to have compassion for all animals. Kudos to these kids and all of you who try to educate and spread the compassion for animals.


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