Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Southern Belle on Vacation

Tallulah had a mini vacation today at Uba and Lulu's house.

First a little get-acquainted training.
Woo hoo! This is going to be a fun sleep over!
"chase me, chase me" says Uba.
Checking in on Dyna-Girl's birdies.  They look happy and squirrel-free.
Off on another adventure with the chauffeur. How exciting.
Where are we going, Lulu?
This is a great adventure! What a fun place to walk and see squirrels. What's ahead, Uba?
More relaxing in Lulu and Uba's back yard. All this fun makes a girl sleepy.
Sleeping beauty.
I think Tallulah enjoyed being the youngest dog in the house for a little while.  It was nice to give her a little break from the barn and the puppies. She is a wonderful house guest.


  1. Tallulah looks so happy to have 2 new grown-up doggy friends.

  2. What a great weekend for Miss Tallulah! That Uba sure knows how to throw a party for any and all visiting dogs!

  3. Sweet. Sounds like all went well and they all had fun while learning and socializing. A win-win for all these beautiful dogs. Thanks for all you do and for the cute stories and pictures.


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