Friday, August 3, 2012

by the way, this place sucks

We got to work today and found a list of complaints that the girls put together about life at the barn. Such a shock - We thought they were basically happy. Here are just a few ...

"You call this a dog bed? I've got special needs.
I need a Sealy Posturepedic in a Queen size - minimum!"
"These people are so touchy about their leather chew toys - Like this one.
All I do is take one tiny little taste, and they're all running over waving
their arms and wagging their fingers, "No! No!"
That's just Rude."

"This fountain is just way too small for a proper dip. 
Please replace with a bigger model asap."

"Waiting for meals when I'm hungry? That's just wrong.
Stop the power tripping and give me my food already."

"Being kenneled all night is for zoo animals -- Not Divas.
I need my freedom. Please allow me to go wherever I want, whenever I want."

Sweet Willy on the other hand had no complaints. 
"I ... um .... I like it here just fine."

It seems that we're going to be forced to make some difficult decisions. 
It's time to re-home the girls as soon as possible to places where 
their demands can be met. 
If you can help with this, please let us know!


  1. Girls are definitely higher maintenance. Good thing these princesses aren't in a normal shelter -- whatever would they do? LOL! I bet they are more than ready to have their own yard to play in and their own forever people. Good things come to pups who wait ...

  2. Poor Willy looks so sad :o( If I'm correct, aren't he and Elliot outnumbered? Maybe he more male friends instead of the bossy girls ;o)

  3. Cute. Nice touch at the end about Willy who likes it there just fine. Good things come to those who wait. With these blogs and facebook it won't be long for these lovely dogs to get their perfect home.

  4. They deserve only the best don't they?

  5. Awwww!!!! just love it! Sounds like my spoiled "kids" :) good luck ladies!!! (i would take all of you in a hear beat!)

  6. Hi Jiboom!

    Let Donna know that the FoamStore SF has scraps for a therapeutic bed! We bought enough for TWO beds with only $10!

    Just looking out for you, doll face ;)



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