Tuesday, August 14, 2012

meet the inspector

Before dinner can be served to the waiting and oh so hungry barn dogs, it must meet the eagle-eyed scrutiny of Inspector Diva who is making sure everything is JUST right.

Diva: Kibble? Check
Salmon Oil? Check
Bowls? Check
Treat toys (to dispense kibble)? Check
Kongs plugged with peanut butter. Check
(not visible in this photo, but they're there!)

Very well, tonight's dinner meets my approval. You may serve.

Me: Gee thanks Inspector Diva. Coming right up.


  1. Sounds like great food. Diva looks so comfortable in that chair.

  2. Diva does look like she is inspecting it doesn't she? Your barn dogs have a good life there. Sounds like good food to be had by all. They deserve only the best.

  3. What dry food do the Barn Dogs eat? I have always wondered.

    1. MrsMoos - The dogs get lamb & rice kibble from Trader Joes. It's been a surprisingly good food for us.


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