Sunday, August 19, 2012

what I did on my summer vacation - by Olive

Recently me, Uncle Rube, Nice Mister and Nice Missus took a 5 day vacation.  I hear that isn't a very long vacation, but when your full time job is finding a forever family, you can't just take a big old long vacation!
The first day was spent packing and driving in the car. 
Along the way we stopped for a potty break and I found out
that it's not quite time for the wine grapes to be harvested.

When we finally got to our destination, I saw it was a very nice cabin along a river and in the forest.  Uncle and I got busy right away with smelling all of the smells that needed to be smelled.

The next morning we slept in, but not too long, since we had so much exploring to do and we only had four days left to do it!!
We had waffles for breakfast every day. I found out that I really, really, really like waffles!! I know my friend Elliot prefers banana pancakes - I have never had banana pancakes, but if they are even half as good as waffles, I guess I would like them.
Here I am asking Nice Mister if he will share his waffle with me.  Do you see how pointy my ears are and how big and brown my eyes are??
You would give me your waffles, wouldn't you??
I'm such a good girl!!!  Sorry about the drool on the floor...

Over the next few days I found out a lot of other things.  I like hammocks.  I like sunbathing (but I already knew that!!!).  I like watching Uncle and Mister and Missis playing in the river, but I prefer to NOT join in on their fun - thankyouverymuch.  A girl as pretty as me doesn't want to mess up her lipstick and nails by getting in the water like that!  I think water should be enjoyed from afar...

Look!  I can combine my love of hammocks and my love of sunbathing all at once!!!!

I think this is about as close to the river as you should get...

As amazing as it sounds, the ocean was only 15 minutes away from the river and the forest!  Can you believe it??
And can you believe that silly Nice Mister and Missis thought they could get me in the salty ocean??  I mean, if I won't go in the river, why would I go in all the wavy waves of the ocean???!!??
This is the best way to do the ocean:
Look how pretty I am with my black and white spots against the backdrop of the ocean.  You do not see sand in my fur.  You do not see salty water in my ears.  You do not see me eaten up by the Great White Sharks that I know are lurking just beyond the waves, waiting to get their teeth on a tasty morsel such as myself.  Nope...and Nope.

In fact this is as close as you will find me to the ocean...remind you of the river??
Now, I don't want you thinking that this vacation was just all about fun and games.  Nosirreebob.  I also made sure to excercise my mind along with my belly and my nose and ears and eyes and feet and my sleepy muscles.

Here I am reading a book - It only took me two days to read "Sense and Sensibility" by Jane Austen...even though that sun kept lulling me to sleep...just don't ask me to write a book report about it!!!!

And here I am with Uncle checking out some local art.  This artist must be very smart AND talented...just lookit the subject matter!!!!  "Dog Love"?  Who doesn't love a dog??  I wonder what I would look like as a totem pole.  Probably AMAZING - and super dignified.
 Finally, we had to make our way home.  Sigh.  It was such a fun vacation, I hated to see it end.  It was such a beautiful day on our way home we took the highway right next to the ocean, so we could continue seeing all the beautiful sights.  Beautiful, right???


  1. Looks like a lovely vacation, Olive! And you never know, you may change your mind one day about the water. After five years of doing everything she could to make sure her paws never got wet, my dog suddenly took up swimming and loves it now!

  2. Boy Olive. You are one lucky girl to have had that vacation with Uncle Rube, Nice Mister and Nice Missus. Glad you are getting to enjoy the good life. There's a whole lot of nice people helping you out. That hammock looks like the best place to be on vacation.

  3. Olive, you really have some great people trying to help you and they went on a really nice vacation didn't they? Your black and white spots did look pretty against the backdrop of the ocean. Hope you find people just as great as your foster parents to give you a permanent home. Thanks to your foster family and the rest of the people at Bad Rap for all they have done for you. Keep enjoying. You deserve it.

  4. Looks like you had a very nice vacation Olive!

  5. What a life! VIneyards, waffles and napping in hammocks sounds like my kinda vacation.

  6. Olive what a wonderful vacation. 5 days is a lot and plenty of time for you to see all of those beautiful sights. I can't believe you haven't found your forever family yet!! You are such a great catch. The river and ocean aren't all that scary...maybe one day you will want to take the plunge! Love you sweet girl!

    Jenny Y

  7. Olive is so cute! It really looks like she enjoyed her vacation.

  8. Nancy, I cannot tell you how much this blog warmed my heart. Miss Olive is truly enjoying life to the fullest. Her So-Cal fans are estatic with her progress. PLEASE give her a huge hug for me. I am missing her big time. Also, my hubby and I are looking for a place to take a dog vacation and it looks like Olive went to the ultimate place. If you are able to share...please send me some details. Email is Thanks!

  9. Olive you are gorgeous and smart. I will cross my fingers all the way from NYC for a home for you! x Sarah

  10. Olive! I love the land of the Dog Love totem. I hope there were still some good swimming holes along the creek for splashing. It's a truly wonderful place and it really warmed my heart to see these pictures as I've enjoyed many a fine respite from the city up there with another foster. It's the best.

  11. Olive, you remind me of myself! I went on a summer vacation with my foster parents once, too. And I don't like playing in the water, either! It's just a matter of time until someone great falls in love with you and wants you to be their special girl. Have patience, and I'm glad you're having fun while you wait! Your foster parents and "uncle" seem awesome.

  12. Olive your vacation looks perfect!

  13. Very happy for you Olive. Great people helping you.

  14. Olive, so glad you got that much needed vacation. After all you have worked so hard over the past year to become the great girl you are now. Hope you have many more vacation days in your busy schedule.

  15. One of the best posts ever! How wonderful for Olive to get a vacation!!!


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