Tuesday, August 7, 2012

the 'not-olympic' games

Overheard this conversation at the barn yesterday - I swear!

Jibboom: Yawn!! I'm bored.

Gurdy: Hmmm - I know what to do Boom Boom! Let's pretend we're at the Oympics...I know some games we can play (and some even a little dog like me could win, bahahaha)!

Gurdy: I'll call the others over so we can start the games.

Jibboom: I'll be the Queen and welcome everyone to the big event. See, look at the regal arch of my neck as I watch for the approaching dog-thletes.

Gurdy: Let's do a 'dive' competition - look here's a nice little 'pool'.

Diva: No way, I'm looking for the 'chase the sprinkler' competition. I could definitely win that one!

Willy: Water??? Blehh!!! Get me the 'bleep' outta here!

Diva: Wait, where are you guys going?

Willy: Forget the games! I think I heard a cookie jar opening inside the barn. I'm outta here!!

Gurdy: Cookie??? What he said - let's go! Race ya to the barn!


  1. Ah, yes, the competition is always fierce in the 10m cookie sprint!

  2. Cute. Those dog-thletes know what's important. The cookies.

  3. That's why they are in such good shape. Running to get those cookies. Smart dogs.

  4. The regal arch of Jibboom's neck. She certainly has that regal look and I am sure Diva would win the sprinkler competition based on the video we saw of her playing in the sprinkler. Cute blog.

  5. You have to admire the way they didn't break a tear on the medals stand--but the drool wasn't a great photo opp!


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