Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Texas sized smiles!

Oh boy Oh boy Oh boy. A package came in the mail all the way from Texas, with this note inside:

For Elliot and all the Barn Dogs from big fans of yours in Texas! We hope you all enjoy the goodies! - Love, Jenny & Brent Yager, Plano, Texas (and Paddington & Zoey too ... our Pugs)
Elliot's ears perked up high when he heard his name. A gift ---- with Elliot's name included! That was too wonderful.

Usually El-Man has to sneaky-sneak or beg or - ahem - steal a toy from his barn buddies, but this note clearly said he could indulge in the gift. So we laid out the box and let him pick his favorite item before swifting it away to the barn.

He nosed everything carefully, but finally settled on a piece of 'Texas Taffy' (rawhidey thing) and gobbled it right down. Thank you Yager family for bringing so much fun to the gang -- and for remembering the furry one, too. You made his day.


  1. Wonderful!!! I'm so glad you got the package and Elliot is enjoying too! I figured they would really enjoy the Texas Toothpicks. Even Annie because they are soft and puffy. LOVE you guys and all of your awesome dogs!!! Jenny Yager

  2. Elliot deserves his pick of goodies out of EVERY package! He's the best!

  3. Way to go to the fans in Texas, the Yager family for your generosity. Sounds like Elliot and company really enjoyed the special treats. It's nice the top dog Elliot got to pick first. He works hard getting the new dogs that come to the barn trained and socialized.

  4. Glad you got to get first pick Elliot being that you are the boss dog there. I am sure they all enjoyed the special treats. Thanks to the kind family in Texas.

  5. Glad you got first pick Elliot. Where would the barn dogs be without your expertise in dog manners?


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