Friday, August 12, 2011

dinner down stay

Jondi sez: "If I bat my eyelashes and wag ferociously, can I get my dinner faster? -- huh? please. huh?"

Me: "No. 'Cuz now I gotta stare at you some more."


  1. My poor Smoke [that's himself napping at the cabin] has to do a down-stay by the pantry while I fix the dogs' dinners and take food to the collies. Added distraction: a roommate who occasionally walks over and pets my good boy while he's down-staying. It's a tough life, eh, Smoke? Eh, Jondi? Seriously, guys, self-control and listening to your human are Very Good Things.

  2. Jondi, please take comfort in the fact that we ALL find it hard to remain calm when confronted with kibble. You can do it, girl!

  3. Jondi you have a beautiful face & such patience!! Sarah (:

  4. oh jondi - you are such a GOOD girl! those eyes. If you gave her bat wings and turned her upside down, she'd look just like the little fruit bat in the children's book "Stellaluna" She is just about to explode if she doesn't get that food pretty soon, isn't she?


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