Sunday, August 21, 2011

a poem for a diva

Barn alum Emma Dilemma went full adoption yesterday with her fabulous humans, Dan and Mary Sue Thomas. She was quite the Drama Diva when we first met and not the easiest placement, but she was downsliding fast at the shelter so she won the spot in the open kennel we had at the barn.

I read Emma this poem, in honor of all the gray hairs she gave us along the way. Her reply: "Yawn. Can I go home now?" Yes Emma, you sure can!

Emma Dilemma, pouty and proud.
Hated the shelter - It was just way too loud.

Didn't like dogs - they all made her cross.
Went to live in the barn where she could be boss.

Didn't like Bouncer, he was big, bold and rude.
She said "Nail trims? Forget it!" with big attitude

The Thomases signed on take her away.
Her first week home, she said "I DO NOT like crates."

They gave her a sofa, but that wasn't right.
So she got the whole bed and finally slept through the night.

When she came back to class she was pouty and sad.
"I DON'T want to be here, foster mother and dad!"

But they all stuck it out and she came really far.
... Now she's heeling and smiling like a CGC star.

Emma Dilemma is home now for keeps.
She gets what she wants, her bed and her peeps.

She rolls on her back and prances and plays.
A sweet pampered Diva, for the rest of her days.

Emma found her happiness with two people who understand and respect her princess ways. ... I guess some dogs just need a little tiara to finally feel grounded. Here's a quick video grabbed a few days after we pulled her from Berkeley Animal Care Services. Oh Emma! We're so glad you found your place in the world.


  1. Congrats! What a beautiful family!

  2. So fantastic! What a girl! Congratulations!

  3. Now there's an only child if ever I saw one - I am so glad that she found some human diva-lovers. Bless their hearts!

  4. Emma Dilemma
    !s one lucky pittie:
    A home and a poem
    And she's also real pretty!

    She may be a diva
    But if she knew had to clap
    She's applaud awesome owners
    And the folks at BAD RAP!


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