Sunday, August 7, 2011

naugahyde haiku

Naugahyde comfort
Righteous flea market score for
my fine pit bull friend.

You look groovie and
swell. Grandma's favorite chair now
repurposed for Star.

What's a little pee
between friends? I wipe your smooth
surface - Good as new!


  1. Sweet - and cute sheep toy too! The chair matches her coat!

  2. Does Star pee on her chair on purpose or does she have an incontinence problem? On the subject of Naugahyde: I think someone needs to market a line of Naugahyde furniture made just for pet owners! It wipes clean! It just needs to be impregnated with a yucky tasting stuff so it doesn't get chewed!

  3. Star is learning to be house trained but sometimes her feet can get wet if she forgets and pees on the floor of her kennel instead of outside. Yuk! Until she's fully trained, having a chair that can be wiped down is a big bonus if she tracks some up. Thankfully she doesn't chew on her furniture!

  4. She is a doll. I have learned, having 2 dogs and one 10 year old son that vinyl and wood flooring are my friends. (:

    Thank you for being patient with Star!! I know it's hard. One of my dogs has Addison's Disease. She is stable but on steroids that make her drink/pee often and sometimes she can't wait. Sigh.

  5. We're getting ready to give her a doggy door, which should be a big help. Yes! It's hard to be patient, but she's so exceptional in so many ways that this is an easy trade off. My personal dog is in the same shoes as yours with the Addison's, Anon. Thank gawd for steroids - but wow. Somebody's hungry ALL the time, right?

  6. Really? And your Addison's dog is doing well? I hope so. Yes, Mandy is hungry & thirsty allll the time. But she is a doll, so we deal with it. You are a wonderful spokesperson for your dogs.

    Sarah (NYC fan!)

  7. Donna,
    I use a lot of online material to teach my kids reading skills (our state standardized tests are online). This entry and the accompanying picture are perfect for teaching Hiku's along with the book "Dogku." If I sight you as the author and the photo credit, could I use this in my classroom please?

  8. DOGKU! lol - I love it Annie. I'd be honored if you used this post, and will have to hope that some of your students share their creations with us pretty please.

    Here's another photo that inspired dogku if they want an alternative.
    Booty Haiku:

  9. I love this and REALLY love the one about Frodo--thanks for posting the link! (I love those little black Staffie types. Gorgeous little hunks of muscles, they are!) Glad that Star has a new non-stinky chair and hopefully, smart cookie that she is, once she gets a home (or even a dog door) she will swiftly develop impeccable toileting habits and be safe around any kind of upholstery!


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