Monday, August 1, 2011

visitors are fair game

A friend got a full blast of the happy, hungry, me! me! me! energy today during a morning visit to the barn. We sometimes forget how overwhelming the pit bull love vibe can be. Every visitor is a rock star and the dogs are like preteen groupies - jostling, jumping and pushing to steal a little kiss. Whoa. Time to pull out the treats and show Sara how to get a calm focused 'sit' out of everybody,

Whew. That feels better. Barn Blog followers will want to notice a certain red dog planted comfortably in the middle of this doggy chaos (above). It's Jondi! She's getting so much more relaxed and at home with other dogs.

It looks like Sara is having a giggle about the Lampshade Kid. Really Honky - we're laughing with you, not at you.


  1. What a group of cutie pies! Nita is one cute low rider. Looks like her spots are disappearing. Jondi & Star could pass as twins from the back side and Mr. Jiggs is just a stunning dog. I'm not sure who Honky is, but I'm guessing behind the lampshade dog is Honky Tonk? :)

  2. i really am such a fan of this blog. I love seeing all of this!

  3. Great photos, made even greater by the wonderfulness of Lampshade Man. Totally, totally adorable.

  4. What good babies! I wondered who the cone-head was! Hope he didn't have a complex about it - he was having his own special booth at the treat parlor! (yeah for Jondi)! All the kids look great!

  5. I thought that looked like Honky McTonkersons. I love seeing the wrinkles on Jiggs' and Nita's backs in some of these pics. I'm kind of easily entertained like that.


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