Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Morning Time

I have always worked a dinner shift with the barn residents, but this morning I got a glimpse of what goes on when the sun is still rising.

Jondi rushed over to see me wondering what I was doing there so early. "Hey, we haven't even had our breakfast yet."

Jiggs came over to figure out what was going on with this change in the routine. Even little Jiggs casts a pretty long shadow with the sun still sitting pretty low to the east. It was going to be a hot one today.

After Jiggs inspected the barn activity, he went to see if anything was happening up at the house. Practicing his sentry stance here.

And Star, supervising the preparation of breakfast.

Below, Jondi finding a little time away from her friends, just a girl with her jolly ball.

Thanks all for being so obliging by showing the newbie what goes on before the rooster crows. (The rooster in the neighborhood is a rather late riser.)


  1. Sweet pups! What a beautiful sight to see first thing in the morning, what was miss Nita doing this morning? Getting another manicure perhaps?

  2. Little Miss Nita was hanging out with her buddy Elliot while her barn buddies were just getting going. She did stop by later on to say, "Hello" though.


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