Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Ladylike Approach to Rainy Days

We all know that Etta Bull LOVES the rain. Jilly, however, is not a fan of rainy days. She may love playing the hose game on sunny days, but water falling from the sky is an entirely different matter. She spent most of this long rainy weekend staying dry and napping on the couch.
When there was finally a break in the rain she and her buddy Uba put on their rain coats and went for a peaceful misty walk, like civilized dogs.
Uba showed Jilly his favorite walking route and they carefully avoided puddles and the wet grass.

 Back home the rain started up again, much to Jilly's horror.
I'm doing my down-stay, now please turn the rain off so I can go outside.
Poor Princess Jilly.


  1. Jilly, glad you got to go for a walk. You and Uba make a cute pair walking in your fashionable rain gear. Love the last picture. Hopefully it won't be long before you are snatched up by a great person or persons who want to give you a permanent, loving home like Uba was lucky enough to get.

  2. It's funny, isn't it, how dogs can have such different opinions about the form water takes. My girl loves to swim, but she is not a fan of rain or baths! I hope the rain stops soon, Jilly, especially since you were so good about your down-stay!

  3. Jilly, I love that picture of you sharing the couch with Lulu while it rains outside. What a good idea!


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