Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thursday morning

"Pretty, pretty please with pumpkin on top?"


  1. Cute! Love the little tell-tale drops on the decking. Not a big drooler, just a few delicate drops!! (We have the same over here.)

    I try not to give unsolicited dog training advice but if someone asks... I always say never give any rewards when your dog is excited, and calmly waiting for the signal to eat at mealtime is the single most consistent place to practice this.

    The funny thing -- my dog taught it to me!! My dog is so focused at mealtime that even in the beginning she would just naturally sit like a statue and stare when I would prepare her food. And I thought "wow, this is nice -- a dog that doesn't jump all over me when I try to feed!" Then when I would go to put the food bowl down she would start to get excited and a little crazy. So I just naturally withdrew the food bowl and waited for her to settle again before putting it down, asking for a stay before releasing her verbally to the bowl on the floor.

    So, truly, she taught this to me and it has been a wonderful tool always. Now, it isn't so much a training exercise but simply the way we do things. She waits for the go-ahead to eat. Not a bad thing. Next step is to teach her not to eat nasties on the sidewalk! LOL

    1. Exactly!!! Well said about teaching the all important skill of p-a-t-i-e-n-c-e.

  2. Only if you're a gray cutie in a snazzy pink jacket!


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