Friday, December 7, 2012

willy and the princess

Today at the office, Willy learned that little 4 year old girls are princesses if they believe it to be so.  And more importantly, he made a new friend, the sweet little princess Megan.  Good thing he was wearing his best holiday coat when the princess stopped by to visit! 

The little princess was smitten with Big Willy's gentle behavior and good manners.

Willy was equally impressed with her and went to visit the little princess as she perched on her napping throne.  They chatted and then wondered for just a moment what the big jolly guy in the red suit might be bringing each of them each this holiday.


  1. I still love Willy and if my Maggie hadn't needed surgery for a blown out ACL, I would have done everything possible to be worthy of adopting him from you! I hope for his sake he finds a home soon, but if he's still around when she's done recovering, you'll likely be hearing from me!

  2. Good boy Willy. Great pictures. I know you will get your fairy tale ending one of these days too and get adopted by a loving family.

  3. So sweet Anita. Please give Willy a BIG hug for me. :)

  4. Looks like Megan and Willy should ask Santa for EACH OTHER for Christmas!


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