Tuesday, December 11, 2012

furry things among us

When photo diva Lori Fusaro put word out about a Mojave-area rescuer who'd gotten in over her head, she used the magic of her photos to tell rescue friends about the dogs in crisis. Whoever didn't get placed immediately was in danger of being picked up by Kern County Animal Control, where overcrowded conditions routinely push the death toll to unspeakable numbers. Crap! What's worse than a rescue situation gone wrong, with rescued dogs facing certain death?

I perused her heart tugging photos. There was only one pit bull in need in this grouping (whew!)  ----> her --- but we noticed she had a best friend named Corndog ---> her.  It seemed they were a matching set, and it was Thanksgiving and how can you possibly break up family? So we laid out the welcome mat to both and opened our door to our first-ever furry Rescue Barn guest.

I have to say, my first thought after I sent word of our commitment was, "I hope she (the furry one) doesn't bite me." Isn't that terrible? We've been so spoiled by our brave, stoic pit bulls all these years, that it seemed plausible that a deserted desert NON-pit dog would be somewhat scared and nippy. My bad.

Below, Elliot inspects the furry one - a girl named Corndog.

So, just to make me happy, Corndog growled at me the first minute I met her in her crate. "Go away! Quit staring at me! I'm scared!" But that lasted 15 seconds. It was dark, she'd just been trucked up the coast in a loud prop plane and delivered to a strange barn full of dogs in the middle of --- where? It was such a bluff growl that my heart just melted.

"Aw knock it off, little thing. It's all good here." She studied me and we started over with a treat and a butt scratch. All good. (Click photos to enlarge them. Do it - it's worth it!)

What a pair. They're both so lovely and hopeful. At eight years old, they've seen a good chunk of the world and they're like little kids in line at an amusement park - waiting patiently for the next fun ride to pull up so they can hop in. We'll call it the 'Adopted' ride.

Confession: While getting these photos, the girls were SO excited about the Nature's Balance bribe that I was waving in front of them that Sassy - the pit bull - nipped the end of my finger. It was one of those overly enthusiastic, but accidental nips. OW. I yiped then I laughed, really hard. I've been bit!

Sassy studied my face, then put her ears back. "Oops. Sorry."

"S'okay. You've been in the desert for awhile, and I was being dumb." I marked a note on her kennel card for the Barn Crew, "Work on 'Wait' and 'Easy' with treats."

If you're tempted to love on these girls, we would be thrilled to see them get out of the kennel into a foster home. Or better yet, if you are the real home that they've been waiting for, please holler loud. We can't wait to get your holiday cards with these lovelies lounging in silly dog clothes on your very best chair.

Open House Adoption Event THIS Sunday, in case you'd like to meet the girls. DETAILS


  1. Oooohhhhh. This is the very bestest way to start today. To start the beginning of this season. Just love that you thought the NON pit bull hailing from the dessert might nip you. HAH. Corndog. Who halfheartedly resonded to your expectectations with a bluff growl. Sheesh what a sweet face. Elliots nanosecond assessment is a hoot. I gotta say I did snortle out loud real un lady like when you recounted Sasssy overly excited about the treat nipping your finger. Dogs. Gotta love em. Always, always, always. This last photograph is just so so dunno what word. I'm thinking you're gonna have people standing in line for these two. I did click on the photos, and my heart dances for these two beautiful dogs. Wish I were not so far away. Would buy beds and toys immediately. Really. What is not to love here?

    1. not only did she nip, she made me bleed. LOL! treats taste better in Oakland, methinks.

  2. I hope they are scooped up right away. They are so, so adorable.

  3. Thank you for taking both. What a pair! I can imagine the fun and love they will bring to some lucky home. Good luck girls!

  4. Such a cute blog describing these sweeties so well. They certainly are lucky to have ended up at Bad Rap. I hope this adorable pair finds a loving home soon and that you have a great turnout at your adoption event this weekend for volunteers, potential fosters and adopters for all these great dogs. I can already picture these two dogs and how they would be perfect addition to one special, loving home. Good luck this weekend.

  5. Oof. I didn't think I was ready to adopt again yet, but then I saw that furry Corndog face! If only I lived in Cali, these girls and I would have such mountainous adventures!

  6. So adorable those two! A big red bow around Sassy's neck and some cute ribbons at Corndog's ears with her coat all brushed out and what a great holiday package they would be for some lucky family! Have a terrific adoption event this weekend! I hope every one of the Badrap pups finds a home for the holidays. Fingers crossed!


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