Monday, December 10, 2012

Family Reunion

Etta Bull got to spend a little time catching up with two of her babies this weekend. Her daughters Addy and Magpie were so thrilled to see their mama it was impossible to get a proper family portrait. This little family was struggling through some tough times when we met them at our West Oakland community outreach event back in August, but now the family is living the good life and Etta's girls are growing into lovely dogs.
Thats mama Etta Bull with Addy on her head and Magpie giving sweet kisses.
The family was celebrating Addy's big day. She's home for keeps with an older terrier mix brother, a pack of cats, a vet student mom and a dotting papa.

Pretty little Magpie is still waiting for her happy ending. Lets all hope she wows a new family with her impressive repertoire of tricks at the open house next Sunday.


  1. Mama Etta, what nice black and white puppies you have--I hope they have inherited your mud pie skills if not your coloring! That reunion picture is super cute. I hope every member of this sweet family has a forever home soon!

  2. Thanks for reaching out to the community and helping people help the dogs they love. Glad Etta got to reunite with her puppies. Wishing for happy endings for all these great dogs.


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