Saturday, December 15, 2012

Home for the Holidays

Etta Bull went on a very special car ride today.

Where are you taking me, lady? This is boring and making my tummy feel a little weird.
She went along to do her very own home check. A lovely family has asked to take her home for the holidays. She will have a loving mom to keep her in line, a grandma to spoil her and two teenage boys to play fetch with.
Oh, now I understand. I approve of this big green puddly yard. I also approve of the family that comes with it.
Best of all she will have a big, puddly, squirrel-y, back yard all her own.
This dressed up tree inside is kind of weird.
You say Santa Paws will leave presents for me underneath it?
Excellent! I like it.
2012 has been some kind of year for Etta Bull. From too-young, almost homeless mama caring for eight puppies to the good life in a warm, cozy, suburban home with her very own big back yard. What a lucky Bull she is!


  1. Very nice. I hope this means a permanent home? Here's hoping. So happy for you Etta Bull. Another cute blog by the way.

  2. A home for Etta for Christmas? With puddles!?! Congratulations, lady, that's wonderful news!

  3. Santa got Etta an early Xmas present - the best present of all! Yay for Etta and her new family!

  4. Lucky girl, Etta. Congratulations to you and your new family!

  5. How is Etta liking her new home?


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