Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Couples Pedicure

This afternoon the two love birds, Zack and Nita, had a couples pedicure. Both pups have sore toes, so first we scrubbed the floors in their kennels while the sweethearts supervised. Their pedicures started with warm soapy water, followed by a cooling rinse with cold water and finished up with a slathering of bag balm to soothe the itch and calm the redness.

Nita enjoyed the attention and loving. She was sweetly happy to let us clean each foot and rub the balm in between her itchy toes. Ana laid a great foundation with the toe nail clippers and Nita felt comfortable with us handling her feet.
After her pampering, Nita distracted Zack during his pedicure. Zack has been licking his toes, so he has to wear the cone until they heal. New barn volunteers Joanne and Connor made the procedure comfortable and rewarding for the rapidly slimming boy.
Both dogs returned to their clean kennels with soothed paws. Hopefully their paws will start healing after the extra love this afternoon.


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