Thursday, June 16, 2011

Oh what to do on those hot days...

Why practice our down-stays on the nice, cool stone patio, of course!

Here's Nita perfecting that down, with a nice "Look" to go along with it.

And here's Anita helping Zack add some finishing touches to his down-stay.

Guess we can practice in the tall grass, too. Here's Anita working with Jondi on her training for the day. And Zack one more time demonstrating what a loooooong down looks like:

The dogs make this look pretty easy. But everyone, dogs and Barn Crew together, worked hard to achieve these beautiful downs. Good work Everyone!


  1. Thank you for your work Catherine and Anita. We got some good downs from the dogs today, so your lessons paid off.

  2. I think Nita is my newest obsession. She needs her own blog, methinks.


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