Tuesday, June 21, 2011

sweet tea

Chunk's been hanging out with Tim in his carving studio while his family is away in Wisconsin. He disappeared for awhile today though ... off on some little mini adventure. I didn't worry too much at first. The property is secure and there are lots of places for a black little dog to hole up out of the afternoon heat. But curiosity got the best of me, so eventually I went off to do a quick scan of the cool grasses and shady spots.

It took some time to find him. Where did he go? His little legs carried his little self all the way to the barn. Then, up onto the sofa, kicking off the pillows and settling in to have a quiet conversation with the dogs that live their now. There he was, at peace in his first-ever home in California.

I smiled, took this photo and tip-toed away so as not to disturb him. As pleasant as a sip of sweet tea on this first day of summer.


  1. He knows he has a home now, but the barn will always be his first "home." How precious that he made his way back there and settled himself in!

  2. Very sweet! I imagine the other barn guests enjoyed his presence - who wouldn't?

  3. The two little black Ohio dogs we had at WARL who were certainly Chunk's offspring were also very dog-social.

  4. Frigging Chunk. Cutest little guy evar.


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