Sunday, June 5, 2011

i am NOT a barn dog (anymore)

My new people are away this week so I'm vacationing at Elliot's place, but please take note:

I am NOT a barn dog. That is so beneath me.

I have a family now, and no need to sleep with *cough* those barn dogs. I hear they PEE and even POO in their kennels sometimes. Ewww. I'm civilized, y'hear? I made it to the big house. I relax on nice carpets and I practice new ways to sneak onto the humans' gi-nor-mous dog bed.

Yep - I'm a man of the world now. AND I have news ... big, big, BIG news that the people say I can't tell until Thursday.

So I'm counting down 'til Thursday when you will see that not only am I not a barn dog (anymore), I am about to get the biggest happiest best-est present ever ever EVER ... Three days and counting.

Signed, Robin

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