Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Star's Student

Newest barn resident Mr. Jiggs was given a job to do when he came to the barn: He was supposed to help socialize Jondi and Star. Star as you may know, came off a chain at an alleged dog fighter's yard, so we can assume her abuser wasn't big on organizing happy doggy play dates with other well socialized dogs. We move slow with dogs from fighting operations so they have every opportunity to succeed.

The jokes on us though! Star's dog/dog play manners have been great and she's been actively working to help the shy Mr. Jiggs get comfortable with dogs and up to speed on his play. Such a sensitive creature. She seems to know that he's a worrier and does everything she can to entice him to fun without overwhelming him. Wouldn't it figure? These dogs sure like reminding us that they're individuals; full of surprises. Here's a few photos from this morning's pre-rain shower play session.

Viva the Blur ....


  1. I am so happy you started this blog, I just adore learning about the progress of these dogs!


  2. Thanks Maisie's Mom. We love having an excuse to write it all down so we don't forget what their beginnings were like.

  3. I, too love reading about the dogs you are saving. I check your page every day. A wonderful way to end my evening (sometimes sad when I think about what these poor dogs have endured.)
    We have 2 Pit mixes--one adoption, one rescue. I look at them and think what could have happened to them.It makes me want to help see more dogs like these never have to suffer AT ALL!
    Thanks for all you do--and for the laughs and "warm fuzzies" I get from your posts.

  4. Our Annie, a fox hound, kind of did the same thing to her rescuers. She was on a runner leash outside w/o social interaction for the first year of her life. When they decided they didn't have time for a dog, and my friend said she'd foster Annie, she was amazed at how friendly Annie was to her foster brother's and sisters. She was more distrustful of the people than the dogs.

  5. I think dogs are more influenced by having been part of a litter of peers than people realize.


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