Sunday, June 19, 2011

Star's Work is Never Done

...and thats just how she wants it.
Star loves to work. She is always looking for new ways to impress us with her smarts and willingness to try new things.
Star took to nose work right away under Catherine's excellent tutelage. When she sees the boxes she runs immediately to the box containing the bait bag full of treats. When challenged with difficult hides Star never gives up and works until she finds the treats and earns her reward.
On her first neighborhood walk, shortly after her arrival from Los Angeles, rather than pulling or being overly distracted by the new universe around her, Star wanted to start learning how to walk politely on leash. It only took her two or three repetitions to learn that she would get a treat for walking in heal position. She was excited to have some freedom to explore and then return to heal for her reward. Here she is checking out the neighborhood squirrels before returning to Anita's side for her praise.
Star gets all her meals in food puzzles, and she hasn't met a puzzle she didn't like and couldn't solve. This morning she enjoyed breakfast in her new purple puzzle toy.
Star sees every day as a new opportunity to learn new tricks and explore her new world. She is working hard to show the barn crew and the new recruits the joy and zest for life that makes victims of cruelty so very special. She truly is a Star.


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  1. What a smart dog. Keep up the good work Star!


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