Sunday, June 19, 2011

the weekend

A swirl of activity this weekend! Star and Nita went to class with barn crew trainees (thank you Joanne and Connor!) and Atomic Betty got acquainted with a couple who hope to adopt her. Formerly-Fat Zack had a blind date with BR alum Sophie. It was such a good date that they decided to get engaged, and our smiley boy left for his new home. Yay!

Star had a milestone: One full day with no pee in her kennel. YAY. She's finally getting the hang of things and slowed her busy brain down for some quality chillaxin time. Later, she got to practice her favorite-ever activity and enjoyed nose work fun with Letti and Anita.

Bouncer came by for a visit, and while his mom was signing final adoption papers (yeeah!), he hung out with American Bully cousin Nita. The two stubby legged low riders hit it off immediately.

What's an American Bully? It's a new style of dog recently created by mixing a few different breeds together. Take a look see.

Neither Bouncer nor Nita seem to care that they're not really pit bulls. They're just glad that this crowd of dog lovers are all suckers for a fat head and a pretty face.

Finally, a new dog (still nameless) moved into the barn to spend a week of get-to-know-you-time before she goes to foster care. A sheet went up to help Jondi and the new kid get used to each other. Yep - they can still peek at each other, but the sheet offers some privacy and helps reinforce friendly roommate manners. By encouraging good relations between the dogs, we create an environment that's as stress free as possible while increasing each dog's social skills. We'll unveil the little imp who's hiding behind the curtain very soon.

Above: Owned dogs Lola, Sally, Elliot, Chunk and Honky Tonk watch from a miserable distance as the barn yard buzzes with people, fun, laughter and - gasp! - treats for the orphans-in-training. So. Not. Fair.



  1. great news about all the adoptions/potentials. can't wait to meet the newbie! and it's a good thing I wasn't there, doubt I could have resisted my love-from-afar Chunk begging to be let in! ;)

  2. "They're just glad that this crowd of dog lovers are all suckers for a fat head and a pretty face." This sums me up incredibly well. Every time I see Nita's fat little face I melt.

  3. Great weekend - love the pictures! The last one is fantastic! I shared - (and way to go Betty!)

  4. OMG the last picture is hilarious!

  5. Congratulations, Zack, you precious little Fatty!

    I'll admit, in the past I've been kind of annoyed by the American Bully thing, but mostly it's when backyard breeders insist on calling them APBT's when they look more like litle mastiffs that accidentally got washed in hot water and shrunk. But I can certainly see how people fall hook, line, and sinker for their utter squishiness. I certainly have. If I got within a 5-foot radius of Nita and Bouncer I would probably glue them to a headband and wear them around like a pair of gigantic earmuffs.


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