Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Adventures in Babysitting Continued.... Star's Second Visit

It takes a special dog to spend a weekend in our home. Star is just that kind of dog! She enjoyed her second weekend with our two dogs, two cats, a rabbit, and some koi. Star's easy mannerism makes her a good fit for our "zoo." She remembered the house rules quickly and fell right back into her routine of hanging out in the kitchen (just waiting for scraps!) and long walks with her new buddies!

Hope these make you smile!

"Hmmmm.... this fits well! Is pink my color?""

Taking a little break for a photo op! The little guy in the middle is thinking "I wish I were a REAL pit bull so my shirt would fit like Stars... "

"WOW! How many kongs can this thing wash at once?"

Doggie Butts.. (Couldn't Resist!)

We really enjoyed our time with you Star... Your forever family is out there, and how lucky they will be when they find you!


  1. Love the butt shot! and Star sure is a "buff" little girl! The pink sure looks good on her - and so does her big smile! Absolutely right - a lucky family she will have!

  2. This is why we love our team so much! Thanks for helping us all see a side of Star we didn't know until now, Charity.

    Can't WAIT til this girl is in her own home for keepers.

  3. Star is gorgeous & you guys will have her so ready to be a great family member when her time comes.


  4. Awwww - Best buddies' butt shot!! Star looks delectable in pink too.

  5. Lovely! Obviously this girl makes an even better house dog than a barn dog, and she's been a pretty special barn dog!


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