Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Oh Spanky! We're getting psyched up to share our last morning at the barn with the Spankster, Spank-Man, Spank-o-Rama tomorrow. Our joy boy has been matched with a new home and his big drive into the sunset will be here in a flash. Sigh. We'll have to get up early and follow him around with our camera paparazzi style, and capture as many "lasts" as we can until he shoves his fat head into our shins and begs up a different game.

We can say we knew you when you were just a horny, confused and truly obnoxious teen in the Berkeley city kennels. What a difference a semester in 'barn school' makes. Sigh.


  1. Congratulations Spankster may you always know the love of your new home and keep with you all that you have accomplished at the barn!

  2. Very happy for the SpankMeister - he's a wonderful guy & his forever family are gonna love him. My family fell in love with him (as did I). Now I need to go find a tissue (sob).

  3. Spanksters got himself a new forever home! Congrats on graduation and we wish you the best!


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