Tuesday, October 18, 2011

camp at the barn

There's no way you can't have a good time when hanging out with a group of dog lovers for four days straight. We just finished our October Pit Ed Camp with some of the nicest shelter workers you'll want to meet. These are highlights of our time at the barn and around town.

Below, Lisa from Pet Project Foundation had herself a party with Star and the flirtpole. YeeHaw!

Star and Honky showed us how much fun treadmills can be.

Duran from Philly's PSPCA learned about nosework, thanks to lessons from Catherine Godlewski and helpers.

Nancy from Pet Project Foundation worked a long day to help dozens of low income pit bull owners in Pittsburg (pitts-burg, get it? haha)

Amy from the Animal Welfare League of Arlington had fun messing with Patsy the Pup and Elliot.

Hm. For some reason, dog people always seem to get either other's jokes, no matter how silly.

Brian George from Baltimore's BARCS has a true talent for photography and put some fantastic dog images together in an album for us. Good stuff: Camp Photos

What a great group. We miss everybody already! Many thanks to the good folks from Arlington VA (Animal Welfare League), Philly PA (PSPCA), Baltimore MD (BARCS), San Clemente/Dana Pt. CA (Pet Project Foundation) for joining us and for being such gracious guests. We're honored to know you and look forward to watching your good work from afar!


  1. I love the photo of Airborne Action Star and of Patsy Pup in the group photo. I'm glad you had such a great camp and that people from all over want to help out the pits!

  2. Love it! Awesome! So can I make vacation plans for next year to come to camp? I'll bring treats of course! and toys!

  3. wait...there are MEN in rescue? interesting. ;)


  4. Brian's photos of all the dogs and happenings at camp are gorgeous! The dogs of BARCS certainly are lucky to have someone so talented in making portraits of them. If Brian ever has an opportunity to return, I'll be making arrangements for him to photograph my own two doggies.


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