Friday, October 21, 2011

it's YOU!

Thanks for all the warm response to our burning curiosity about barn blog readers (Who are you?). We received so many fun and funny responses. We'll be sprinkling more into the blog over the next couple of weeks, so check back soon to see who your cyber friends are. Nice to meet you, by the way!

Lauren Woods - "Hi BAD RAP-pers, Buddha and I are from the Bay Area (and have done some Pit Ed classes, wahoo!) and have recently relocated to the East Coast. Buddha is the silliest, smartest, most fun-loving dog I’ve ever met, and he’s taught me patience, how to live in the moment, and that sometimes, all you need is a good snuggle.Thanks for all you do for pit bull type dogs. You, through your blog, Facebook Page, pit ed classes, have helped me immensely in learning how to responsibly manage my own dog, and have given me the tools to make Buddha into the Ambassadog he was born to be! Keep up the good work! We’re always rooting for you in Rhode Island!"

Aimee Gilbreath - "Hi – Its Me! I read your blogs. Obsessively. Honestly, daily, every day. I’m sad when you don’t post. I love you guys and what you are doing from way back, and now I jones for glimpses of the fabulous Star! I’m the E.D. of the Found Animals Foundation and I spend my days up to my ears in adoption, spay-neuter and microchipping programs, with a dash of advocacy and policy thrown in for good measure. All the while I’m supervised by Rufus, my 6.5 year old pit bull. He’s a classic smiley goober who loves everyone – human, canine and feline – and I can’t imagine life without him. Attached is an out take from a photo shoot that pretty much sums us up!"

Wendy McMahon - "Hello, thank for this opportunity! In the pictures is our bad rap doggie, "Tyson" who is absolutely our love and in the other picture are our talking loves! That's me the mom!! There are a couple missing which are my oldest son and our doggie Jenna, she is a Siberian Husky and our cool as a fan cat, Gus, who is a Ragdoll. Until we got Tyson 5 yrs ago I had no interest in this bully breed at all. OMGosh, since, I have done nothing but try and help these poor babies, by educating those who speak bad or make that face when I tell them we have a pit-bull. I post things on my facebook page for awareness and I rescue dogs that need my help. I can't always donate money, but I donate items that shelters may be in need of. So I really try and do my part.
So with a big thank you, I hug you all from afar, what a blessed and wonderful job you are doing. Wow just such a dream for me. I love the blogs, it makes my day to see smiling pitties! I wish Spank all the luck of love and Miss Patsy is a doll. The reds are sweet as pie!! These dogs have a spot in my heart. They are so mistreated and we are their only hope. If I'm ever in your area I would love to visit "The Barn." Many thanks! Sincerely, Wendy (Indianapolis)"

Gena Connelly - "Hi Donna and the BAD RAP crew! I'm Gena. I don't have any dogs (still trying to get the hubby on board), but I love other people's dogs in the extreme. I emailed you a while back about giving Chunk a Forever Home, and while that didn't work out on my end, I'm happy to keep supporting BAD RAP. As a former animal control officer, I know that behind almost every "bad dog" is a dog who just doesn't get the house rules. Keep up the amazing work y'all do! Gena"

Paul Black. "Follow you guys from back in Essex in England. We got a rescue dog way back when that was described as a staffy mix, but was eventually discovered to be a sharpei/lab mix. I was used to Springer Spaniels and Jack Russells, and a bossy, boisterous, PREY DRIVEN Rocco (as she was soon known) was well outside my experience. Found you guys from a Vick Dog storey, Found your advice super useful, pop in every once in a while to see whats up, would love to donate but am usually too poor keeping Rocco in Chicken wings and Brocolli stalks."

The Verlander Family - "I’m Stella, and I’m almost five years old. Here I am walking by dog, Rosalind. My mom rescued her when she was 6 months old. Roz is almost 9 years old now! She has a funny bunny hop because she has a birth defect, but it has never slowed her down. Everybody she meets thinks she’s just a pup! She is also a CGC, although she does not always have good manners with other dogs, especially as she gets older. I think that she is afraid they’ll hurt her back end where her spine is a little crooked. I like to dress her in pretty scarves, my cat ears headband and in sparkly beads. But I never put anything too tight around her neck. We also have a grey cat named Adelina and she likes to steal Rosalind’s bed when Roz gets up to beg for treats. My mom has read me Saving Audi, Demo the Junkyard Dog and just got me the new book, Shelter Dogs. I think I will get a Chihuahua someday, when I’m older, but I want to keep Rosalind too. My mom loves BadRap. And so do I. We live in western Massachusetts, but my Dad is from Lafayette CA. When we visit family, maybe we can come watch your PitBull Ed class and bring you some dog goodies and people goodies? Maybe some wine from my grandpa’s winery in Santa Rosa."

Note to Stella - We would love to meet you the next time you're visiting grandpa. Please tell us when you are!


  1. That's so awesome! I love it! and I buy my dog's ID tags from Found Animals Foundation! (small world - they have a picture of Panda on their website! Proud Mamma!)

  2. This is great! But I though you said "a sentence or two" not a whole friggin' essay!

  3. LOL - too true Dianne. But you know how dog people are once they start talking about their dogs. :-) (Guilty of the same!)


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